Who we are

Hearten Ltd is a UK based expert provider of high quality supported living services, domiciliary care, and outreach Services.

Our Services:

Our services cover supported living, domiciliary care, people who reside in their own homes and we support them on outreach programme which enables service users to be picked for the nominated hours and for their desired specific activities or objective for the day. We are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year and we run a complete flexible programme to suit our service users..

Our Pride

We pride in our well trained and experienced members of staff in the health-care sector who carry out their duties with respect and dignity to deliver our objective stated as to encourage and provide a complete support services allowing people to live an independent and fulfilled life with equal opportunities, privacy, religious freedom and personal care where applicable.

Our Mission

“Hearten UK Ltd mission is to provide holistic, person tailored & high-quality care to our service users through encouragement and empowerment, we support people to be actively engaged in their own communities”

Our Vision

Our vision at Hearten UK Ltd is to be committed to a service of excellence and innovation. The people we support are our reason for being; Individuals, families and people’s significant relationships are encouraged to take an active role in the initial planning of their support by the way of an initial needs’ assessment, which forms the basis for their care plan.  The plan produced is actively reviewed and monitored at regular intervals to suite the changing needs of the individual.  We consult, inform and actively encourage feedback on the quality of the services that we provided in an atmosphere which is open and non-judgmental.  The feedback is used to enhance the experience of the individual, aiming for a superior, flexible and personalized support. 

Our domiciliary care services ensures that people receive the right support as per their assessment in the comfort of their own homes.  Our well trained and experienced support staff make certain that our outreach services are the people’s first choice.  We support individuals with learning disability, those on the autistic spectrum and other associated conditions on the foundations of reliability, consistency, routine and structure.

Supported Living

Our Supported living provides an alternative to typical residential care but it allows you to choose the right amount of support – how and when you need it – so you or your loved ones can lead an enriching and fulfilling life.

Domicillary Care

Our domiciliary care can be relatively easy, like helping you get up and about in the morning, ensuring you take your medication at the right time, feeding pets or helping you move around the house.

Supply of Professionals

We strive to source for the best professionals for our clients. Our team works closely with each applicants throughout the recruitment process to provide quality healthcare personnel.